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I, like many others, find it rather difficult to describe myself. So here are ramblings on who I am:

I was born in Turkey's capital Ankara - though I identify more with my family's ancestral hometown of Gaziantep. My mother is partly English - meaning that I have a bipolar cultural background. 

I've spent most of my life living outside Turkey: in Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore and the UK. This nomadism has influenced all aspects of my life: my journalistic work is on international story-telling, while my photography and videography art is about capturing the sights and sounds of a location. 

As I travel to reach my goal to see 100 countries in my lifetime, I come across many emotional epiphanic moments and hilarious tales of tequila-drinking-contests gone wrong. I am in the process of compiling these in a book. 

I hope you found what you came here for. Contact me if I can help. 


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